Two women getting their hair done by a dé kleurspecialist kapper in Zwanenburg.
Shiny, soft and healthier hair

Ultimate hair treatments for well-groomed hair

Our hair has to endure a lot. Weather conditions, stress and styling tools all affect the health of your hair. Do you have damaged hair, is your hair dull or are you encountering a different hair problem? Don’t panic: fortunately there are various hair treatments that can help you. Let your hair shine like never before with a Kérastase Fusio-Dose treatment or keratin treatment.

Repair and rejuvenate your hair with a botox treatment or treat extremely damaged hair with an Olaplex treatment. Personal attention is paramount during every hair treatment; every hairstyle is tailor-made. You will leave looking your very best!

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Hair treatments

  • Olaplex Treatment €35
  • Fusio Dose treatment €40
  • Braliz Power shock treatment €50
  • Botox Treatment from €140
  • Keratin Treatment from €150
  • Protein treatment from €160
A woman, visiting Dé kleurspecialist kapper in Zwanenburg, is getting her hair washed.
Smooth, shiny and manageable

Keratin treatment

A keratin treatment is ideal for people with unruly and frizzy hair. Particularly people with curls and waves are more likely to have extra frizzy hair. Another advantage of a keratin treatment is that your hair will get a better shape.

Do you want straight, soft, shiny and frizz-free locks? Do you want to improve the overall look & feel of your hair? Then a keratin treatment is the solution for you!

A woman receiving a Haarbehandelingen at Dilara's Hair salon.
Strengthening and rejuvenating

Botox treatment

A Botox treatment is ideal if you have thin, fine, damaged, lifeless and/or tired hair. Hair Botox, also called Botulin, is used during a Botox treatment, after which your hair rejuvenates and becomes more resilient and firmer.

The hair botox hydrates deep into the hair roots, which improves elasticity. After a Botox treatment your hair is soft and shiny and you experience way less frizz.

A row of Dilara's Hair hair care products on a shelf.
Repair treatment for damaged hair

Olaplex treatment

Do you have brittle hair and split ends? Or is your hair (extremely) damaged by chemical treatments, such as dyeing or bleaching? Then an Olaplex treatment is perfect for you.

An Olaplex recovery treatment repairs broken sulfur bridges of your hair. Sulfur bridges are responsible for the strength and structure of the hair. Are you undergoing an Olaplex treatment? Then the hair structure and overall hair condition improves. The result? Less damage and softer hair that shines again!

A row of bottles of Dilara's Hair shams on a shelf for haarverzorging.
A fast and effective customized solution

Kérastase Fusio-Dose treatment

We also provide a Kérastase Fusio-Dose treatment in the hair salon. This is an advanced, luxurious and personal hair treatment that offers specific solutions for your hair problem.

We identify your problem (for example color fading, dry hair or an oily scalp), we choose and mix the Kérastase products that suit your hair and we massage this mixture into your hair. After applying, rinsing and drying you will notice the result immediately!

Relaxing and privacy

Get treated in the private room

Did you know we have a private space in our hair salon? Do you like to have more privacy because you are easily overstimulated, wear a headscarf or for other reasons? You can reserve the private room with us.

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Dilara's Hair, a hair salon offering Haarbehandelingen and Haarverzorging, filled with mirrors and chairs.
A hair salon, named Dilara's Hair, offering exquisite haarbehandelingen and top-notch haarverzorging. The salon is beautifully adorned with a mirror and plants, creating a


Ervaar onze salon

In onze salon staat exclusiviteit en persoonlijke aandacht centraal, waardoor elk bezoek een unieke ervaring wordt. We bieden een rustgevende omgeving waar je kunt ontspannen in onze comfortabele kappersstoelen, genietend van een heerlijk kopje koffie of thee en een smakelijke traktatie.

Onze focus ligt op het creëren van een moment van rust en verzorging, ver weg van de dagelijkse drukte.  Een bezoek aan onze salon in Zwanenburg is meer dan alleen een noodzakelijke knipbeurt; het is een verwenmoment voor jezelf, waarbij je niet alleen met een prachtig kapsel vertrekt, maar ook met een gevoel van welzijn en tevredenheid.

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