A woman receiving a kleurbehandelingen at a salon.
"The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you."- Coco Chanel

Bring your hair back to life with a color treatment

People come to Dilara’s Hair from all over the country. Why? Because we are specialists in the field of (soft) balayages, highlights, lowlights and other exclusive color treatments. We specialize in bleaching dark hair. We work with the best products, according to the latest techniques and are always aware of the latest trends. We do not just color your hair: first we check whether your wishes are really possible and suit you. We are happy to think along with you, do not make false promises and always let you go home with a good feeling.

In order to help you as best as possible we would first like to assess your hair and wishes. You can visit the hair salon without obligation, but you can also fill in our questionnaire. Do you have any questions or doubts? Feel free to contact us via WhatsApp, we are happy to think along with you!

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Color treatment

  • Rinsing from €45

    (Refreshing the current color, please note! With a rinse you cannot go lighter than the current color height!)

  • Painting roots €50

    Even coloring, gray coverage. (Note! This does not fall under a regrowth balayage/highlight treatment).

  • Painting (1 color) from €80

    This is a basic coloring, with this treatment you can even out the current hair color or go darker.

  • Bleaching entire hair from €95

    Even coloring

  • Bleaching roots from €65

    Even coloring

  • Lowlights from €75
  • Highlights bijwerken 1/2 hoofd v.a. €65
  • Highlights bijwerken hele hoofd v.a. €95
  • Balayage bijwerken hele hoofd v.a. €95
  • Balayage v.a. €160

    Inclusief Olaplex behandeling, föhnen en spoeling

  • Highlights v.a. €160

    Inclusief Olaplex behandeling, föhnen en spoeling

  • Toeslag per bakje €35

    Per bakje blondeer dat word gebruikt zal er een toeslag van €35 bovenop de prijs komen.

Color treatments

Simply make your appointment for our color treatments such as a rinse, dyeing roots, or an even color.

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Two women getting a balayage treatment from a kleurspecialist kapper at the salon.
Let yourself be transformed

Balayage & highlights

We specialize in balayage and highlights. Because we first get to know you and your hair, we know exactly what is and is not possible. We only work with the best products to achieve the most natural, beautiful and healthy results possible.

Our customers come from all over the country (and beyond!) for a balayage, highlights or other color treatment, especially because we immediately see what suits someone. We are a color specialist hairdresser and can do more than many other hair salons. And you experience that.

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Two women getting Kleurbehandelingen done by a Kleurspecialist kapper in a salon.
Natural transition

(Soft) balayage

A balayage treatment creates a natural transition. The roots of the hair remain darker than the hair layers and ends, so you are less likely to get outgrowth. A soft balayage treatment is even more subtle and softer. We go for a natural look with a dark start and subtle, playful tufts through the hair. If you opt for a (soft) balayage treatment, you are able to undergo a color treatment less often.

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A woman receiving a kleurbehandelingen from a Kleurspecialist kapper in a salon.
Subtle tufts in your hair

Highlights & lowlights

Would you like to have highlights? Then you get blonde streaks in your hair. Different thicknesses of hair can be highlighted with different color tones. We ensure you that the highlights always suit your hair and your wishes. At Dilara’s Hair you can also get lowlights.

This is the opposite of highlights: you get dark streaks in your hair, which adds more depth to your hair. We also like to combine color techniques to create beautiful transformation

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A woman is getting her hair done by Dé kleurspecialist kapper in Zwanenburg.
The emphasis on your face

Face framing highlights

At Dilara’s Hair you can also get face framing highlights. These are highlights around the face that emphasize your face and its beauty. The subtle accents add dimension to the hair while providing a fresh, sublime look. Are you going for a soft glow or a very daring look?

A radiant new hair cut

Toner & rinse

By using a toner you can neutralize unwanted tones in bleached and decolorized hair. Yellow or copper tones are corrected and made cooler with a toner, creating a silver, ashy or platinum shade, for example. A toner gradually fades each time you wash your hair.

With a hair rinse you can change your entire hair color or add extra shine. A hair rinse is less harmful than permanent hair dye, but you can enjoy a radiant, fresh color for a long time.

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Relaxing in the private area

Did you know we have a private space in our hair salon? Would you like to have more privacy because you are easily overstimulated, wear a headscarf or for different reasons?

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Intake for color treatment

Great that you want to fill out the intake form immediately! Your enthusiasm for our color treatments inspires us.

We are fully committed to creating your dream look and are eager to find the perfect color shade with you.

By completing the intake form, you give us valuable insights into your wishes, allowing us to offer a tailor-made treatment that exactly matches your vision.

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